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Full Name: Richard Neil Morelle

Nationality: French, American

Born: July 29th, 1990

Parents: Laurent Morelle (Father) Kimberly Chiricos (Mother) , Bill Chiricos (Step-Father)

High School: Nelson County High School

College: Bridgewater College

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 160 lb



Richard Morelle was born in Paris, France. He didn’t move to the United States until he was four years old, and didn’t start playing golf until he was fifteen. As a younger man, Richard never played golf more than once or twice a year, but was heavily involved in athletics, winning the athletic fitness award in all of his years in school. He was an avid soccer and basketball player, and helped his high school basketball team win the 2008 State Championship.


Richard’s love for golf began to truly awaken as a teenager when his step father helped spark his interest in the game. When he was 15, Richard was inspired by watching Tiger Woods chip in on the sixteenth hole at Augusta National to go on to win the Masters. He was amazed at how Tiger could accurately read the green and make such an impossible chip under pressure. As time went on he realized that golf was not as easy as his golf hero made it look.


Starting golf on his own, Richard was initially unable to break 100, and with no instruction, he didn’t have a clue of how he was going to get better. With only a few months of experience, he began playing on the high school team, and after meeting an instructor one day on the driving range, he began to rapidly progress. After about six months of practice, Richard shot a 78. Six months later, Richard beat all of his teammates in the qualifying round and became the number one seed for the entire season.


Richard only got better from there. He managed to keep his number one spot on the team for the remainder of his high school golf career – averaging one over par for the season and winning most of his matches. He ended his senior year with the player of the year award. A few months later he was recruited by the Bridgewater College Golf team and helped his team go on to win the Division Three ODAC Championship. Richard would play one more year on the team, but then began working on weekends at Keswick Country Club in Charlottesville to pay for school.  However, he didn’t lose hope. Richard would still practice five to six days a week throughout the school year, making sure that he wouldn’t lose his game. He still had aspirations to become a professional golfer but work and school came first. Richard would complete college with a french major and a psychology minor, graduating with honors. Richard still works at Keswick Country Club and plays local amateur golf tournaments to keep his game in shape, getting reading for the next phase of his career.